When I was little, I wanted to be an astronaut;
Had always been fascinated by the night sky, the stars, the moon and the purple.
I imagined myself among the stars, in a white spacesuit, living in a capsule, getting out of it,
Whenever I desired. Floating among the stars, just being.
But then I grew up and saw a lot more to the night sky than little dots of light.
I saw smoke rise up from forests, skin cancer, pious waters turning opaque,
I imagined myself, with a small group of volunteers, wearing yellow gloves,
Picking garbage from hill slopes.
I grew up more and my father took me to a blind home.
I saw a lot more to the world than what I knew;
Tears, tobacco, children;
When I was little, my mom read me to bed, every story ended with, “.. and they lived happily ever after.”
She read me the ‘The Match Girl.’. The match Girl dies in the end;
The Match Girl taught me that a story is never finished, just abandoned.
Everything I wanted to do and everything I wanted to be, I could, there was only a matter of time,
New dreams, acquired, dreamt, abandoned.



I've been writing poetry since I was a kid and my poetry is without fail a description of things that matter, to me. I pretend to not like love poetry. I have an insane love for popcorn!

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