Please write my obituary, will you?

My life has always been full of almosts,

Failed potential as they call it,

I will not tell you about the attempt I made last month,

That my mother thanked God for my ‘narrow escape’;

I would have been almost gone

Had I not thrown up.

But I will call you at odd times, 3 in the morning

When I’ll be sure you won’t pick up the phone,

Later i’ll have another atrocity to blame on;

I’ll break your DIY cloud maker and paint the sky in grey scale,

My life is a gift I want to return;

You will not forgive me and we will not part on good terms;

But you will compel people to confuse your pen with my tombstone,

Please write my obituary, will you?



I've been writing poetry since I was a kid and my poetry is without fail a description of things that matter, to me. I pretend to not like love poetry. I have an insane love for popcorn!

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