The time turner

Mr. Remus Lupin

Boys Dormitory

Gryffindor Tower

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft &  Wizardry

Letters from your older self:

1. There’ll be people who’ll ridicule you for being who you are.

Don’t let them get onto your skin. You’re an exceptional wizard

and more importantly an exceptional human being.

2. You’ll encounter prejudice. Loads of it. Don’t fall prey to it.

Neither fall among those who’re prejudiced. Vow to remove to.

3. You will meet good people. They will love you for who you are.

Those people will be who you can call friends. Keep them close.

4. Some people will cheat you. Big time. They will walk in,

disguised as your friends. Beware of them.

5. When you scratch and bite yourself, make sure you clean up

and bandage your wounds.

6. You may lose friends, probably one, probably all of them. You

will find yourself in a rut. But believe me, you’ll emerge out.

Stronger. Protect with your life, the legacy your friends leave


7. Make peace with your inner demons. Some scars may never

fade and that’s okay. Appreciate the beauty that is a full moon.

Do not be afraid of it.

8. And remember,”To a well organised mind, death is but the next

great adventure.”



I've been writing poetry since I was a kid and my poetry is without fail a description of things that matter, to me. I pretend to not like love poetry. I have an insane love for popcorn!

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