Two years ago at the peak of my #depression
or at the lowest depths of #misery
or as some said just a “bad phase”
I lay in bed staring at the ceiling,
eating dahi chawal, once a day
I did nothing beside lying , staring and my once a day meal of white starch and probiotics;
And phone calls,
I ignored phone calls
All of them
My friends weren’t #happy ,
The literatis were sniggering
And the #poets ashamed;
My mom was proud
She got me a notebook , the girliest notebook I’ve ever seen
I loved it nonetheless, I still do
She asked me to start by making plans
I did
Get up from the bed
Take a shower
Get up from the bed
Take a shower
Do the dishes
Six months later
Get up from the bed
Take a shower
Eat breakfast
Do the dishes
Apply to J schools
Some plans worked out and some days I did not take a shower

It’s 2017
I’m dangling over a thin line between #sane and #insane
They say plan, to get a job, a master’s degree
Some plans may work some might not
but I’ll at least take a shower